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About me

I am an emotion therapist and NLP practitioner. I organize seminars and workshops, I also translate and interpret. I am Czech and I live in Geneva with my family.

I have several years of work experience as a nurse in maternity and sports orthopedics, as well as for the UN and non-profit organizations focusing on health care, which has always been my life's fulfillment and big love.


To work with clients, I use my knowledge of working with emotions with the help of the Journey method (The Journey, Brandon Bays), which is a fantastic technique which guides to deepest emotions, traumas and freeing ourselves from them. In order to welcome new, healthy, beneficial things into our lives, we must first get rid of everything that does not serve us and takes up unnecessary space in our lives.

I am also a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and I like to work with the Bonhommes Allumettes technique. ​


I am amazed at the power of self-belief. What I used to see as my weakness, I now consider as my strength and advantage. I am sensitive, perceptive and constantly push the boundaries of what a person can reach with their own will and faith in themselves. I truly believe that everything we want to achieve in life and what we want to be, can become a reality. When we believe in ourselves, the whole world will believe in us.

I've had a lot of carambolas, painful experiences and losses, for which I'm actually grateful now, because they also led me to where I am now.

I found myself again and the meaning of my life. I wish you all to embark on this journey, find what you are looking for and free yourself from everything you don't want.

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  • Accréditation - The Journey Practitioner

  • Semaine de la transformation de la vie - Brandon Bays

  • Abondance consciente - Brandon Bays

  • Guérison de la communication consciente - Brandon Bays

  • Coaching sans ego - Kevin Billet

  • Out of the Blue - Kevin Billet

  • Programmation neuro-linguistique

  • Bonhommes Allumettes - Jaquel Martel

  • Yoga Thérapie Hormonale pour Femmes - Dinah Rodrigues

  • Université de Genève, Suisse

  • Infirmière, Prague

My relationship with my family has very much improved 

Working with Petra brought me a huge relief. I was very irritated and did not understand where my emotions and anger were coming from. Petra helped me open up to them, work with them, and my relationship with my family improved. I am very happy now, I like life and I am a really happy person."

Martin B.


Enormous change in my life

Petra is a wonderful therapist. J'ai experiement de nombreuses thérapies avec elle et je ne peux que la recommander. Nous avons travaille sur de nombreux niveaux émotionals profonds et pendant les thérapies, je lui ai fait entième confiance. Sa douceur, son empathie et son authenticité sont la valeur que vous beginz à ressentir dès que vous la rencontrez. After the sessions with Petra, I automatically began to feel an enormous change in my personal life, especially with my children. Petra a un don naturel et je suis très reconnaisante de l'expérience de son travail.

Janka K.


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